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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. today, the irs scandal. how far does it reach? >> it is inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. >> someone needs to be held responsible. someone needs to be in prison. someone needs to be prosecuted. >> this is not limited to the irs. this is a culture of intimidation. >> chris: the president promises to fix the problem as the white house goes into damage control and congressional investigations gear up. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. >> chris: we will talk with a member of the president's inner circle senior advisor dan pfeiffer and leading republican and member of the first committee to probe the irs scandal, congressman paul ryan. what does this crisis of confidence mean for the president's big government agenda? we he will ask our sunday panel about the storm clouds of distrust gathering over the white house. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. someone
controversy over irs targets of conservative dproups a as more and more religious organizations are claiming they, too, were subjected to intense scrutiny by the taxman. good morning, i'm jamie colby and it is great to have you. kelly, it's great to have you too. >> kelly: i am kelly wright. welcome to news headquarters. they are set to grill a top irs watchdog as a focus and intensity of the investigation ramps up. now, these new complaints from religious groups are getting quite serious attention. elizabeth pranm has who are details on on this. >> reporter: among the claims the irs says conservative groups or patriots in their titles while applying for tax exempt status. agency may have paid specific attention to religious organizations. according to religion news service, biblical recorder a baptist news and billy graham organization was targeted back in 2012 and catholic league says it was targeted after the 2008 election. at the time the irs claimed that intervened in the political campaign. the catholics united education fund claims it languished for years before the registration was a
just the beginning. an irs official targeting skoust groups, now in charge of the division to set and enforce health care laws. any search bachmann is fighting back. >> eric: the irs admitted to targeting conservative groups in deciding whether they would get nonprofit status. the same group is now charged with implementing and regulating obamacare. do we trust them to do analytical a fair and balanced way? >> already the irs is most feared federal agency there is. now, they made their life worse because they understand that the american people are catching on. they have to enforce obamacare for all americans. no one will escape this death like grip of the irs. people should be worried. i'm the author of a bill to repeal obamacare. that is very important bill. it got through the house of representatives and also the chair of the tea party caucus. it wasn't just the tea party that was targeted by the obama administration through the irs. it was also christians. people that support israel. people that are pro-growth and pro jobs, anti-debt. people that are conservatives. people that
transparent as it gets. we need huckabee silenced. send the irs to check his records and give him something else to worry about instead of harassing me and check his facebook time line, i am sure something is on there to tax him for. and send the drones to fly over his house. and confiscate huckabee's guns and see how he likes it when he can't go hunting anymore. and take his bass dpu tar away. no more music for huck hug and that will make him think again for challenging me. and now i need something for the media to get off of my back. hey, joe, it is the president. i need my vice-president to step up to plate for his country. i need you to do what you do best. go out and say something ridiculous in front of the cameras. let the media focus on. that ♪ tonight on huckabee. as three separate scandals rock the white house, the irs targeting the conservative groups take center stage. is this still america? is the governmento drunk on power it would turn his force and might to harass and intimidate an average american who only wants her voice and their voices heard? >> that average american is
>> paul: this week on the journal editorial report. irs under fire over targeting of conservative groups. very same agency ramping up for the obamacare rollout. could the taxman play politics were your health insurance and up roar after reporters' phone records are seized. the administration says american lives were at risk but is that reason enough? >>> inexcusable and americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about that. i will not tolerated this behavior in any agency but especially in the irs given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. >> paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. that was president obama reacting to just one of the controversies swirling around his administration, news that the internal revenue service targeted conservative groups in an election season. it's part san behavior asking the agency and reinforce many people's fears about government running amok. joining us is dan henninger, kim strasel and colin levy. what were they looking for in these groups? >> they were looking for basically a
>> this week on the journal editorial report, the irs under fire over its targeting of conservative groups. it's the very same agency ramping up for the obamacare rollout. could the taxman soon be playing politics with your health insurance? plus, a leak investigation has the press corp in an uproar. the administraon says american lives were at risk. but is that reason enough? >> inexcusable and americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs, given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. >> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. that was president obama this week reacting to just one of the controversies swirling around his administration. news that the internal revenue service targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny in the 2012 election season. the latest scandal has revived partisan behavior and reinforced many people's fears about government who run amuck. joining the panel this week issues columnist and deputy editor, d
back here monday night. >> greta: tonight, horrible customer service. that is what the outgoing irs acting commissioner calls the ers targeting of conservative groups. horrible customer are service. but members of congress are calling the irs a lot of other things. >> we provided horrible customer service here. >> we will admit that. we did. >> horrible customer service. >> who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> he don't have names for you, mr. brady. >> we were repeatedly told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being misled, that's lying. >> i think what happened is foolish mess takes were mead by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> what happened is outrageous and inexcusable and unless those of us who strongly disagree with the tea party on many issues defend it from any impairment and allow it to be as wrong as it wants to be we impair our dem krauthammer he is. democracy. >> why did you mislead congress on the american people on this? >> mr. chairman chairman, i did not mislead congress report american people. >> did the co
. camp. >> bill: the fired head of the irs getting grilled today on capitol hill. but as usual he knows nothing. >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. i'm willing to try to find that out. >> bill: we have very precise irs coverage tonight and talk to a man who got hammered by that agency. >> give meme stuff. >> stuff right now. >> i'm sorry. >> bill: students are attacking teachers all over the u.s.a. but now the los angeles school district says they will no longer suspend threatening students insane? we'll have analysis. >> don't do that. >> bill: new study out of the university of california says strong men are often conservative. while weak men tend to be liberal. >> i daddy a rebel. >> is that a fair assessment? gutfeld and mcguirk. fairness weigh he in. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. grilling the irs. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today the house ways and means committee questioning fired irs commissioner steve miller. one of his
state and a large chunk of the country. the irs now finds itself on the receiving end of scutny as the scand will grows. co-chair of the tea party said it is just the tip of the iceberg. and the investigation in the benghazi attack focuses on the independent review board. the house oversight committee wants ambassador pickering to tell how the obama's vow of the attack was done. hello, i am uma, live from the america's news head quarers in the nation's capitol starts right now. the growing irs scandal is putting the agency and leadership on the hot seat. the official who once led that unit targeting conservative groups has another job and one that could impact every american. she is in charge with handling the irs's implementation of obama care. >> democrats said there is no evidence that sarah ingram knew groups were targeted by the irs. but conservative groups said show was the head of the part of the agency and now sounding the alarm. this is how ingram's sal row increased and the bonuses she received when show took over the tax exemption business in two whwhere are 09. they
welcome to hannity. tonight there is fresh fallout from the irs enemies list targeting conservatives. earlier today, lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the top official at the tax agency ousted commissioner steve miller during a firey hearing. now, there was several bomb shell revealations for starters during his testimony today miller admitted that the apology made last week by irs lawyer lois learner was staged. watch this. >> do you know miss celia roady a member of the advisory council on tax exempt and government entities? >> i do. >> was her question to ms. learner about targeting conservative groups planned in advance? >> i believe that we talked about that, yes. >> no, miller also acknowledged that the irs knew about the scandal in may of last year. since you were not able to watch owl of today's testimony here are some of the highlights. >> we were told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being misled. that is lying. >> this is very chilling for the american people. i know that where you are at and you are going to -- you are resigning and walking away f
nothing about the targeting allegations of the irs. and g.o.p. lawmakers are insiferting, we will answer that, what they knew, when -- or knew nothing at all. they are vowing to, quote, get to the bottom of this. peter doocy's tracking this for us live in the bethway. good morning. >> good morning. not only does the white house say they were oblivious to the white house policies that were unfairly targeting conservingative groups, but a white house senior adviser says when the white house put a bull's-eye on parties with tea party or conservative groups, it may not have been political at all. >> look at what the inspector general said in their report and to congress on friday. 1; there is no evidence of outside influence, other than this came directly from the irs. and 2; this was not based on politically motivation. >> the house chairman thinks much, much differently than the white house advisers. this morgue, he said, not only was the irs giving the conservative groups unfair scrutiny, but they were leaking private tax information to the public -- also for political reasons. ryan is pr
today congress tried to get them by holding the first hearing on the irs scandal. outgoing commissioner steven miller was asked to testify before the house ways and means committee. >> as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the irs for mistakes we made and poor service we provided. >> do you believe it is illegal for employees of the irs to create lists to targeted individual groups and citizens in this country? >> i don't believe it is. >> you know the terms tea party patriots were being used and you acknowledged they were outrageous. when you were asked about this after you were briefed that was the answer i gave snus how can we conclude you mislead the committee? >> i did not. >> can you assure this committee that none of this information by was shared or given to any other federal agency? >> i would be shocked, congressman, if that happened. >> kimberly: i think they are just getting started. i would say this is the tip of the iceberg. >> eric: yesterday, we ran the soundbite of eric holder. the sound on tape montage, i don't know, i don't know. i can't say. i don't
the associated press, claiming it needs information as to who leaked secrets. the irs admits to targeting conservative groups, delaying or denying their request to be recognized as tax exempt, while greasing the skids for liberal groups to do the same thing. more details revealed about the attacks in benghazi. talking point e-mails give clarity to the administration's spin on the tragedy. a trifecta of problems for the obama white house gets full media attention. plus, an abortion doctor gets convicted of murder. the media finally show up. o.j. is back in the news. and the press is none too kind. and what is scott pelley talking about here? >> our house is on fire. >> covering the coverage on this special edition of "fox news watch." on the panel this weekers fox news contributor juddy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, contributing editor, the american conservative magazine, meryl brown, director of month claire state university school of communication and media. richard granel, former spokesman to the last four ambassadors to the united nations. i'm john scott. fox news watch is on righ
make it a great day. >> a fox news alert on a new bombshell in the irs scandal as a top government watchdog official reveals that members of the obama administration were aware of the tax agency's inappropriate auditing of conservative political groups as early as june of last year. right in the heat of the 2012 election season. hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. >> what a week, kelly. big story and there is so much more. hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby. we welcome you to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. kelly referring, treasury inspector general jay russell george testified during yesterday's first congressional hearing into that scandal, saying specifically that he alerted senior officials at the treasury department about what was going on. >> i subsequently alerted the general counsel of the department of the treasury on june 4 and subsequently, and i do not have the exact date -- alerted the deputy secretary, neil wollen, about this matter. >> those are just the latest revelations, raising more questions about what the obama administration knew about the irs
by holding the firstd to hearing on the irs scandal. outgoing commissioner steven miller was called to testify before the house, ways and means committee and he had a lotto explaining to do.mean >> as acting commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes that we made and the poor service we provided. >> do you believe it is illegal for employees of the irs to create lists to target individual groups and citizens in thisindi country? >> i don't believe it is. ev the terms tea party, patriots were being used. p you justa acknowledged a minute ago they were outrageous, and then when you were asked about this after you were briefed about this, that was the answere you gave us? how can we not conclude that yos misled this committee? >> i did not mislead the meet committee. >> can you assure this committee that none of the information provided the irs by these groups was shared or given to any other federal agency? >> i would or be shocked, congressman, if that happened. shocked. >> i think they're just getting started. i would say this is the
these papers and what was the first contact you had from the irs and what did they want to know? >> the first contact we had from the irs, the first general round of questions, they wanted to know things like we want to see every facebook posted and tweet you tweeted. we want to know where you have spoken insthe inception of the organization and to whom and what you said and what you intend. at some point those questions cross the line. >> we have seen a picture. this is a picture of a note bock with all of the different filings and all of the different requests that you have had that you had to submit to the irs, is that accurate? it is tall as a soda can. and that's what hay asked you for? >> that is one round. we are asked hundreds of questions. and what was the most intrusive questions that were posed to you? >> i think the questions that wanted to know more about my future intent and my family. i started all of this because i wanted to create a better future for our children and the thought that our dpft is asking specific and personal questions about my future intentions makes me uncomf
by the evidence coming out that of the irs was being used as an idea logical enforcer, you may be outraged that some of those responsible for paid bonuses at work with your tax dollars. i am dave asman. what a week. we'll go with moshing an and mike and sabringa and rick. >> rick, this is usually steve forbes job but do you believe that the individuals who skewed up deserve bon us. >> i feel the need to talk flat tax. i think the bonus idea is a bad idea particularly as it a ployed to the irs. remember when we have had a situation with private insurance companies and they are bonusing adjustors and paying them to deny claims. i have a similar problem with irs agents paid to collect more money. i tell you the great surprise. >> or just screw up. >> or screw up. you know who favors bonusing the federal -- the heritage foundation. >> you are an agent of the heritage foundation? >> i have been accused of many. from james, the senior economist. we should shift the distribution from base pay to bonus. >> mike, lois learner who was in charge of the tax exemption got a $42,000 bonus or several bon
. >> gregg: turning now to the thickening clouds of controversy surrounding the irs in the wake of the admission of targeting conservative political groups. the question everybody is asking now, how far up did this thing go? this after the treasury department, inspector general revealed in hearings this week that the administration was informed during the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign. the administration insisting, though, that the president himself knew nothing about it. that is doing little to dispel the shadow of scandal. peter? >> reporter: gregg, now the white house is saying those irs guidelines that unfairly targeted conservative groups were not put in place for political reasons. sunday advisor said this morning when it comes to the outrageous behavior of the irs, the law is irrelevant. >> whether it's legal or illegal is not important to the fact the conduct, department of justice said they are looking into the legality of this. president is not going waited for that. we have to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: he took on to his official twitter
with the obama administration. pressure builds to punish those with the worst koipd of behavior for the irs. targeting americans because of their political belief. a top government watch dog revealing that the obama administration was award of the allegations and the irs targeting conservative groups with tea party and 9- 12 and patriot in their name. >> new questions about what the white house anyhow and when. >> mitt romny is throwing his voice in the mix. what would you do with more than $600 million. in minutes, the power ball frenzy sweeping the nation and your chances of taking home huge amount of cash. >> and after a long time hoping to reunite with a dog, the u.s. marine gets the surprise of his life. >> i'm harris faulkner. politically conservative groups targeted bite irs. how far up did it go? it is important for americans to know if the part of government in collecting taxes is discriminating for beliefs. who allowed this to happen. the treasury inspector told top officials about the investigation in june 2012. it is right in the height of the presidential campaign. the irs admi
whiplash? >> tucker: i do. >> alisyn: thanks so much. see you tomorrow. >> >>> irs, sos as the scandal keeps sizzling. some republicans are calling to scrap the agency and it' its mae tax code and bring on flat tax instead. is that the best way to prevent this mess from happening again, and get our economy booming again? hi, everybody, i'm brenda buttner. this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it. we've got gary b. smith, tobin smith, and steve murphy. welcome to everybody. so gary b., shut down the irs as we know it and replace it with a flat tax? what do you say? >> absolutely, brenda. this would be the most positive thing we've seen for this economy. i think since the internet. i mean, this would be unbelievable. look at all of it. i can't see any minuses. look at all the benefits. one, we get rid of the irs which means we get rid of these irs scandals dating back before brez nixon up to -- president nixon up to the current administration. we save billions on productive, raise more revenue, make it fair. i mean, brenda, this would be the best thing that could hap
admission adding to the growing fallout over irs's admitted targeting of conservative groups. new congressional testimony revealing that members of the obama administration may have known about the inappropriate auditing as early as june of last year, which is during the 2012 election season. hello, everybody. i'm arthel neville. good to see you. welcome to a brand-new hour of inside america's news headquarters and glad to have you here. >> it is. i'm gregg jarrett in for rick folbaum. the new developments coming as we learn that an irs official in charge of the time responsible for the agency's implementation of the president's health care law. medical is live in washington with more. hi. molly. >> hi. republicans are raising questions about sarah hall ingram, who is now in charge of the irs's obamacare division. but she has been the head of the tax exempt office, while some of this targeting of conservative groups was going on. now that she'll lead the irs and monitoring everybody's health insurance and the new taxes and the new fines associated with obamacare, some on the gop a
this irs scandal symbolizes about this unwieldy government, a government that's gotten so big. you're overweaning politicians, and that's how our taxpayer money is being spent. i don't know what will reverse that. that is not an environment where this country can prosper, where this country can continue to grow, and it foments the skierss of the american people to start new businesses. >> neil: i know you were around during that time, ben stein. what are the big differences? there are mumen multiple scandat only the irs, but the justice department targeting the ap, hitting companies to promote the health care law. i could go on and on and on. i think there are a lot of these that could differentiate from watergate. what do you think? >> watergate was a totally different situation. first of all, the media was against the president. in this case, the media, except for fox news, is for the president and is laying down their lives to defend him despite a slight showing of rebellion in the white house press room. the main thing as charlie said, in watergate we were facing very big infla
in connecticut straight ahead. >> plus, a heated hearing on the irs scandal. who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. i'm willing to try to find that out. >> the outgoing irs chief refuses to name names. why can't the administration find knows who are to blame for targeting the president's political enemies. that's coming up. >> they always say a bird in the hand is worth something. well, take a look at this video. >> get a mike. >> oh my god. [ laughter ] >> come on. that guy is my hero. a bird caught bear handed with the pastor with the golden grip. he joins us live. >> i like his response. >> i got this bird. >> "fox & friends" hour one starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, again, everyone. we the want to start with the fox news alert. it was a chaotic scene on the rails two. trains packed with commuters coming home on a friday night. collided right on the track in connecticut during last night's evening rush hour. 60 people were taken to the hospital and at least five this morning have critical injuries. >> pictures you are looking
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)